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Top Five Reasons Men Are Terrified Of Women

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1. We know they can do things we can’t. After all we came from their bodies. There is no avoiding that fundamentally embarassing fact and no way we can top that.

2. We know we’ve done a pretty lousy job running things. Wars all over the world, crumbling economies, global pollution and warming, starvation and homelessness. We’re ashamed, humiliated and don’t want to be shown up, which we’re pretty sure women will do if they get a chance. That is terrifying.

3. They just plain out-think and out-talk us. Let’s face it, we don’t know how to deal with or talk about our emotions at all, and we also all know there’s no way we’re going to win an argument. Just does not happen. Women are a fierce competitor, skilled in kinds of warfare we just don’t get. It’s like being in a cage, in a mixed martial arts fight, realizing your opponent can use their legs to hit and all I can do is punch and wrestle.

4. Deep down all we men want is love, but we hate ourselves so much that we can’t let it in. Women constantly remind us of what we really want, which we rarely ever let ourselves have. That is confusing and something we try like hell to avoid. It scares us.

5. We can see what’s coming. Women are slowly entering or taking over one field after another. Like a wild animal’s habitat being taken over by civilization, we are increasingly unsure of where we are (if we ever truly were)  in charge, on top of the heap or king of any domain. We’re losing control and that, terrifyingly, feels like the end of the world.