Big Change Fast© is a reliable methodology developed from over twenty years of experience consulting with the executive leadership of major international corporations. Big Change Fast© creates quick, yet lasting, change. It is designed to take a business from where it is to where it wants to be producing exceptional business results along the way.

Big Change Fast© applies to a wide range of situations – business turnaround, merger or acquisition, new division startup, implementation of a bold new strategy or a cultural revitalization. It is designed to work with executive teams that are ready for major change and willing to do the work to make it happen.

Phase One

The process begins with your initial kernel of a vision for the organization. We support you and your team in elaborating on that vision until it becomes a robust picture of the organization’s culture, structure, strategies, systems, and results.

We will facilitate an authentic and honest appraisal of the current state of your business and organization, a deep dive into the way it “really is” and then you craft of a set of Strategic Initiatives that the team feels will best move the organization towards fulfilling the vision.

The Executive Team becomes a powerful and aligned high performance team.

Phase Two

When the emerging vision is clear and the Executive Team is aligned and functioning at a high level, the vision is shared with the next level of the organization’s leadership. These people will become an integral part of the process, evolving and improving the thinking to date and leading the organization on its transformational journey. The Vision and Strategic Plan for Change evolve as a result of this collaboration.

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Phase Three

In a variety of creative ways the Case For Action, Vision and Strategic Plan are shared with the entire organization.
Everyone has a chance for their voice to be heard. Ideas are incorporated into each aspect of the Case For Action plan. Consensus, excitement and ownership develop and the plan emerges stronger and clearer

Phase Four

The Strategic Initiatives are launched. The teams receive intensive training in high-performance teamwork as they formulate their plans. Each team is sponsored by a member of the executive leadership team, and is directly led by a member of the next level of leadership. These Strategic Initiatives will always include a Culture Revitalization Team, with strong HR membership, and the mandate of creating the full adoption of the new Values for the organization by all members of the organization.

Phase Five

As the initiatives progress, the executive leadership team monitors activity and participates in regularly scheduled offsite meetings to review the output of each of the Strategic Initiative teams, and to address issues that arise along the way. These meetings further enhance the executive leadership team’s ability to function at a high level.

Phase Six

As the Strategic Initiative teams continue to executive their plans, regular meetings occur with the executive leadership team and the leadership team. During this phase, an integrated Communication Plan is employed to productively and cleanly manage communication within the organization and with all key stakeholder groups, keeping them informed and increasing the general level of engagement in the transformation process.

We always employ tools to gauge the level of success for our collective work. The business results can be in any number of areas depending on what is critical for your business – speed to market for new products, success of new launches, share of market, cost reductions, top line growth, customer acquisition, etc. The cultural results can be tracked using standardized engagement surveys that most companies already employ. Our commitment is that you wil see breakthrough performance in both dimensions – business and culture.

This process can complete in 9 to 12 months. We facilitate every step of the process, with the goal of creating a high-performance organization with enhanced communication and collaboration skills, increased capacity for innovation and a greater sense of ownership and engagement at every level of the organization.