I have been working with Tom D'Aquanni and his transformation methodology for teams for the past 15 years. Our most recent project was the transformation of a long standing group of professionals each with their own dedicated organizations into a highly productive leadership team with a shared vision, deliverables and achievements. This required a tremendous piece of organizational work around shared values, visions and behaviors. The results were outstanding. The organizations became one of the top performing organizations across the company as a result. Tom as a coach and facilitator is a pleasure to work with and has a unique and engaging style which delivers results.

Renee JamesFormer President of Intel Corporation

I have been a student of Tom's discipline of high-performance teamwork for over 20 years, working with Tom in Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses to drive breakthrough results. Our most recent work at Ocean Spray started with building a totally aligned and committed management team determined to turn a business and culture of no growth into a high-growth, innovative culture and business. The process, led by the management team, exhibited and encouraged a new set of behaviors and the process drove a shift in culture from a slow, risk-averse, siloed and conservative culture, an environment where "nothing here supports growth," to a fast-paced, more open and innovative climate. The results over 10 years were industry-leading increases in sales, earnings and market share.

Ken RomanziPresident, Earthbound Food, former COO, Ocean Spray Cranberry

I have worked with Tom D'Aquanni in several jurisdictions over the last 12 years: in Trinidad in a post-acquisition integration, in Barbados in the takeover of a National Bank and now in the transformation of an indigenous Ghanaian Bank into a major force in sub-Saharan Africa.

In all of my encounters, Tom has adopted a very pragmatic approach which blends a theoretical framework with his practical experience and the demands of the environment in which we were operating in. His approach begins with coaching the Senior Executives to create a compelling vision and set of values, and by the end of this session the team would be setting goals for themselves far beyond their wildest dreams. He then builds the Executive Team around the practice of breakthrough thinking and performance. During this session the work of understanding our environment and identifying the critical barriers together with developing the targets that needs to be achieved to achieve our objectives begins and ends. Ultimately the culture of the organization will need to be fine tuned and aligned to the new thinking and vision of the organization. There again Tom plays a fantastic role in transforming and aligning the culture to achieve the breakthrough results.

Whether Tom is coaching the President or Chief Executive Officer or working with the broader Executive Team or addressing the entire staff of the organization, one of the fantastic attributes of Tom is his emphasis on detail and the approach which gets to the heart of the problem and addresses the root cause of issues in a productive yet respectful manner, which yields positive results for the organization.

Changing and transforming an organization is not easy and is a heavy load, however I have found that with Tom on my team, that load has become much lighter.

Robert LeHunteExecutive Director of Republic Bank Limited (Trinidad and Tobago) and Managing Director, HFC Bank, Ghana

I have worked with Tom on a number of occasions with senior executive teams at Nabisco, Campbell Soup, and Godiva Chocolatier where I was CEO for 10+ years. In all of these instances, Tom distinguished himself as a trusted partner, coach and value added consultant. He knows how to "get under the hood," helping individuals and teams become the best they can be. Tom is insightful and action oriented with a strong commitment to make a real difference as a result of his work-- something he has achieved with both my teams and with me personally. As just one example, Tom partnered fully with me in bringing to life an entirely new business unit at Campbell Soup. Tom played a key role in helping us craft a motivating new vision and key strategies, as well as a high performance way of working together that energized our culture and drove results.

Jim GoldmanFormer CEO of Godiva

Tom and a small consulting team he led worked with myself, as Senior HR Director, and Brian Driscoll as Head of the Sales&Integrated Logistics Organization at Nabisco headquartered in East Hanover, NJ. He assisted us in undergoing a major and very successful transformation in almost every aspect of how we operated as an organization.

Tom first worked with the executive sales leadership team, aligning us on an approach to the transformation. He then created a methodology for mobilizing the next level of leaders in the sales and integrated logistics organization around multiple breakthrough teams designed to bring about the desired new approach to how we operated and went to market. This was a highly successful initiative, resulting in a strong and cohesive leadership team, a fully engaged organization charged up and focused on our customers in new and dramatically improved ways with emphasis on operating as owners of the enterprise. The superior business results that followed this initiative were clearly linked to and a direct result of all the work Tom did with us over that time.

Fast forward to about 2003-4 when I was the VP HR, and Brian Driscoll the SVP in charge of the Kraft Foods Sales organization. We were determined, again, to transform this organization, to shed old ways of doing things in favor of new and innovative best practices. Of course, the degree of complexity and difficulty here was immense compared to Nabisco, given the enormity of the organization and the long-standing entrenched practices prevalent there.

Once again we called upon Tom to work with us, first to move the Executive Leadership Team to a point where we collectively felt the need for change and were aligned on an approach to make it happen. Tom worked with us to create a case for action for this entire endeavor, to select these topics upon which we wanted to focus, engage the next level of leadership in totally taking accountability for all of what we were doing, including heading and leading breakthrough teams. He introduced and facilitated a methodology for launching a dozen of these breakthrough project teams chartered against what we felt were the key areas we need to change, things like creating an adaptive supply chain, creating innovative compensation packages, redesigning positions that would translate to success of the future state in trade, club rejuvenation, talent management, etc. He then assisted us in putting together an effective management framework that allowed us to move all these initiatives forward over about a six-seven month period while, of course, still doing business we needed to do. This all culminated in the launching of an innovative and breakthrough strategy at our February 2004 National Sales Meeting in Las Vegas where he was also a keynote speaker to an audience of 4,000 plus sales associates on what it would take to produce breakthrough results at Kraft Foods.

What Tom does is get the executive leadership team and the key level of leaders below them focused and aligned on the need for change and then get all level of leadership mobilized around a practical program for creating breakthroughs in how you think about and work with one another and your customers in order to produce breakthrough business results. His focus is always on creating breakthrough business results, on the one hand, and on innovation and new thinking put in action to create those results, on the other. He has a unique ability to, as he says, to work with you to "harness the collective intelligence of the organization", and to create and implement breakthrough ways of working together and going to market. He is collaborative and an enjoyable guy to work with.

Tom ZanetichEVO, HR, Whitewave Foods

Tom has been an awesome comrade-in-arms in the steady march towards my goals for the agency. A thoughtful, thorough, calming, always-available-and-engaged co-conspirator. A true confederate in the defining of ambitions and throughout the process of realizing them. No forest too big, no tree too small. Whatever the subject-at-hand, Tom is always available as a sounding board and never at a loss for thoughts on the way forward. And he’s downright relentless in his follow-through. Whenever my phone alerts me to an incoming text message, there’s always a 1-in-5 chance that it’s Tom, checking-in on the progress of things. His every incoming message not just a ping, but a poke, a prod, a push, a provocation. All in the good-natured service of progress and success. Totally annoying. Invaluably so.

Jim ElliottGlobal Chief Creative Officer, Arnold Advertising

"Creating an open dialogue about the current business environment, removing obstacles that impede performance, developing and gaining alignment around a compelling vision that drives business results. Those are the outcomes we have been able to expect when we engage with Tom D’Aquanni. He has the ability to work with management teams at all levels to achieve those results and drive superior performance. Tom facilitates cultural transformation through his personal and persistent commitment to create high performance teams that deliver exceptional business results.

Over the last 20 years I have worked with Tom in fortune 500 Companies as well as start-ups. I first met him at Nabisco where he was imbedded for a year in a mid-sized Division driving innovation and instilling business discipline at all levels of management. In part through his cultural transformation the Division revenue double over a 3 year period. I also had the opportunity to work with Tom at a start-up in New York where he facilitated the development of a strong vision for growth (achieved 20% in year 1) and an entrepreneurial culture that launched new growth platforms.

Over the years I have called on D’Aquanni to facilitate organizational change and help create cultural strategic capacity. Time and time again we see significant improvements in our business performance and improve our velocity when we work with Tom. I will continue to call on him as a trusted resource for sustainable change."

Erich FritzEVP Research and Devlopment, Quality, Innovation, Ocean Spray Cranberries