Winning from the Beginning® is an intensive and comprehensive coaching experience that integrates a new executive, providing her/him with the information, insight, and support needed to be successful from day one. It is a high-impact transition coaching process that dramatically shortens the front-end learning curve for a new executive.

Winning From The Beginning® provides condensed, precise and usable direction to a new executive from key stakeholders (CEO, senior executive peers, Board members). It gives then everything they need to get a rapid, strong, solid start.


Within 6 months the executive will be recognized and accepted as a strong and capable leader within the company. She/he will have:

      A clear line of sight and a good foundation to produce breakthrough results
      Strong relationships among the executive, manager, peers and direct reports
      Stakeholder confidence in the executive and what he/she will do and achieve

D'Aquanni & Associates

The Process

Winning From The Beginning® is a 6-month process that starts as early as possible after a new executive is hired, preferably before day 1 on the job. The process supports the new executive to enter with a very clear picture of what is expected, how to interact with key stakeholders and where to get started. It supports the executive to enter successfully, avoiding the missteps new executives commonly make as they try to find their way.

New Executive “Vision”

We begin with the new Executives vision of what she/he wants to create, what breakthroughs they would like to see – all that they see and feel coming into this new position. What they want to accomplish with their team and the feel of their organization are all critical ingredients as are what they understand to be their mandate coming in and any concerns or worries they have.

Confidential Interviews with Stakeholders

We conduct confidential one-on-one interviews with the executive’s manager, Board members, key peer senior executives, direct reports, and HR support.

These interviews focus on gathering critical information to help guide the new executive: what each stakeholder needs, what they feel minimum and breakthrough success would be in three and six months and the first year, insights about how to best succeed in the environment, knowledge about what the executive can expect to change and what they should be prepared to accept. These interviews also yield valuable information about the history of the executive’s new area, organizational hot spots or pitfalls, pockets of resistance to change, cultural issues, patterns of communication, and decision-making processes: everything that a new executive will need to know in order to function efficiently and effectively from the start.

We then summarize the themes and insights gathered from these confidential interviews and use them as the basis of creating a three-month plan of action. We also use previous 360-degree feedback reports, leadership assessments, and personality surveys to understand the executive’s strengths and areas of development, and map those against the situation in which the executive will now be operating.

New Leader Assimilation

New Leader Assimilation is an important process in which the new executive and her/his team engage in a facilitated, open and creative dialogue about what they need and expect from each other, and how decisions will be made. Here, the executive has the opportunity to describe how they would like to see and feel the team working together, and the group can talk about how best to communicate. This is also an opportunity for the executive to test their plan of action and their understanding of the deliverables and key strategic initiatives they will execute together. This meeting will generate a transition plan of action.

Within the first six weeks, the executive will meet with their manager and HR support to review and modify the transition plan of action, with feedback and input from the team and initial experience in the position.

Implementing the Plan

During the later phase of the process, coaching focuses almost exclusively on the implementation and evolution of the transition plan of action. It supports the executive as they manage their network of relationships on all levels within and without the organization, including key customers and suppliers, in order to maximize their success and make the best adjustment into the new environment. Winning From The Beginning® incorporates periodic check-ins with the executive’s manager and HR Exec. We work with the executive to build her/his team of direct reports as a strong, cohesive unit, and we assist them in identifying and resolving any roadblocks, challenges, or breakdowns to extraordinary performance.